2102 N Market Street

Champaign, IL 61822 


                                                                                                           March 15, 2016


Notice of Closure of Practice:

 Dear Patient(s):


Thank you for permitting our team and the Champaign Dental Care practice to provide dental services to you (and your family).


At this time we are writing to advise you that the Champaign Dental Care practice has closed due to lack of reimbursement for care resulting from the State of Illinois budget impasse and government shutdown. No more appointments will be accepted after April 15, 2016 and, likewise, no dental services will be provided after that date. The only appointments being made at this time are to finalize select lab cases.  In the event that you have treatment needs which cannot be deferred, please contact our Paxton Dental Care practice located in Paxton, Illinois at 217-379-4667 for assistance and they will be available to provide care or refer you for care as needed.  However, the Paxton Dental Care practice will also be closing on or about April 30, 2016 and no care or assistance will be available after that date.


We recommend that you arrange for care through another dentist or dental practice. You may wish to contact your dental insurance carrier for recommendations as to alternative dental practitioners.


Should you want another dentist or dental practice to have a copy of your dental records, please fill out the attached authorization form and return it to 2001 N. Mattis #8850, Champaign, IL. 61826. We will be pleased to provide copies of the records to your new dental provider consistent with the authorization and pursuant to our usual policies and procedures.  If you need additional forms please send your request by email to champaigndentalcare@gmail.com


We apologize we are unable to stay open for your continued care and, thank you for allowing us to provide dental services to you (and your family); we are grateful for the opportunity to have been your dentist.


                                                          Best Regards,

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